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About Avricore

Avricore is a total health innovator capitalizing on technological advancements and consumer health trends, offering consumers, health providers and life-science companies the ability to take control of both spending and health outcomes.
We intend on becoming the world’s largest health data company and are utilizing point-of-care technologies within community pharmacy to achieve this.

What Inspires Us

Our history as a generic drug-maker, with a team which is led by and inspired by pharmacists, gives us unique insight to the needs of consumers, healthcare providers and life-science. We have seen that the industry is changing, consumers are changing and innovation needs to be supported with better data to keep up with the pace of this change. We are passionate about breaking through the barriers which prevent access to the life-saving data needed for evidence-based care and preventative health, because we should all know more about our health and make decisions before it’s too late.

Quick overview

  • Converted from VANC Pharmaceuticals, a generic drug company with 91  offerings in 2018 to become Avricore Health Inc.
  • Avricore is currently selling Hema-fer, an OTC iron supplement, to pharmacies across Canada.
  • In the transition, Avricore purchased two technologies, the Avricore Platform (formerly Corozon Platform) and HealthTab.
  • The Company’s primary focus today is on developing a new network of point-of-care analyzers that utilizes its HealthTab software in community pharmacy.

Definition: Avricore

Derived from the Greek word “avrio” meaning “tomorrow” and the English word “core”, meaning central or most important part of something.