Avricore is a total health innovator capitalizing on technological advancements and consumer health trends, offering consumers and health providers the ability to take control of spending and health outcomes.


We are a healthcare technology company focused on delivering an effective range of health innovations within the community pharmacy. With decades of experience in pharmacy and pharmacy policy in Canada, the Avricore team represents the industry’s most passionate advocacy.

With this unique focus on the community pharmacy and committing to supporting their development as a more robust and effective healthcare centre, our company hopes to improve health outcomes for patients and lower overall healthcare costs.


Our team is lead by and inspired by Pharmacists.

Once the front line of community healthcare, pharmacists played a direct role as part of the health team. Over time, trends developed that reduced their extensive medical training to being simply retailers, limiting innovation and leading to inflation in costs and poor health outcomes.

Avricore has a solution - innovate not only in products, but service. Adding accessible genomics and targeted health information at the community pharmacy will make for healthier communities, as well as community pharmacies.