HealthTab COVID-19 Test Reporting 

As HealthTab is a point-of-care testing solution with a mission to make actionable health insights more accessible, we recognized the power of this platform for real-time, automated reporting of COVID-19 testing during the pandemic, and viral testing beyond that.
This proven platform is in use by leading Canadian pharmacies today, and HealthTab is uniquely positioned to support government and non-government point-of-care testing initiatives within a secure, consent-driven, real- time reporting system.
The HealthTab system is simple, secure, and highly accurate. It consists of “gold standard” point-of-care devices connected to the Internet through a custom mobile interface; an onsite kiosk for completing patient registration, obtaining consent and collecting health survey responses; and proprietary cloud-based software for securely displaying results and transmitting patient data to third-party systems and EMRs.
  • The only system currently interfaced with the Abbott ID Now ™ molecular PCR rapid test device, offering automated, direct-from-analyzer, results in real time, shared with patients, healthcare teams and reporting agencies overseeing response programs.
  • Our API enables to connect to a range of lab and point-of-care devices, offer a range of solutions and applications.
  • HealthTab’s web portal also offers the ability to track and perform rapid-antigen testing programs, with patient information and test result saved and tracked onside, dramatically reducing administration and data entry time.