LOI signed in November 2018

This partnership provides a comprehensive Nutrigenomics based “DNA to Diet” system that allows customers to uniquely tailor their nutrition and diet to their genetic makeup.

The FoodRocket platform and personalized Health & Wellness software provides patients with a detailed report which makes nutritional and dietary recommendations, including custom recipes based on their genetic makeup, current health status and dietary objectives.

The platform then allows the customer to fulfill these recommendations and recipes through a seamlessly integrated system connected to community pharmacies, local grocers, meal kit services, restaurants and workplace cafeterias.

One of HealthTab’s unique features is that it can serve as the foundation of pharmacist led health initiatives by allowing the pharmacist to create a baseline patient profile of core health metrics and then track changes over time. These pharmacist managed health initiatives are an emerging and potentially lucrative opportunity that span a wide spectrum such as diabetes, cardiac, metabolic and nutritional and diet management which Avricore Health will evaluate.

Definitive agreement in progress and expected to be completed end of Q2 2019.

The revenue will be derived from the HealthTab testing which will now also include a Nutrigenomics and fitness DNA test. Further revenue opportunity with the subscription model and purchase of groceries online.