Avricore Health’s HealthTab to Enable Real Time Reporting of
COVID-19 Results in Pharmacy


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, September 9th, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Avricore Health

Inc. (TSXV: AVCR, OTC: AVCRF) (“Avricore” or the “Company”) a leader in pharmacy-based point-of-
care testing solutions, plans to offer its HealthTab system as a stand-alone service to improve COVID-
19 case reporting.

“Timely and accurate reporting is key to managing community outbreaks, but it can be a challenge for
even the major laboratory networks as we’ve seen recently in the U.S.,” says Rodger Seccombe, Avricore
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of HealthTab. “Our middleware will bring plug-and-play, real-time electronic case reporting into community pharmacies. With new Health Canada licensed point-
of-care devices expected later this year, we anticipate pharmacists will take on a greater role in COVID-
19 testing and tracking.”

The Company offers a device agnostic point-of-care testing platform, including a web API, that allows
data to flow with patient consent, directly from an analyzer to the health records and reporting systems
being utilized in a particular region.

“As more point-of-care testing moves into pharmacies, HealthTab provides the opportunity to aggregate
and report results in real-time to health authorities. It’s a highly scalable, flexible and affordable solution to
improve key health data monitoring and reporting from within the community, not only for COVID-19
cases, but also for adverse drug reactions, liver toxicity, diabetes and chronic disease,” added Avricore
CEO Hector Bremner.

About HealthTab + RASTR
HealthTab is a proven point-of-care screening system, designed to support pharmacists evolving role.
The system empowers patients to be proactive about their health by directly measuring and monitoring
key safety tests and biomarkers of chronic disease. The HealthTab test is simple, fast, lab-accurate,
and requires just a few drops of blood from a finger stick. Results can be printed in-store or accessed
securely online.

Typically, HealthTab utilizes the Piccolo Xpress, an Abaxis Global Diagnostics chemistry analyzer,
however, the system is designed to interface with other devices and third-party applications.
As part of this direction for HealthTab, the Company developed a revolutionary model for utilizing the
system’s unique ability to offer real-time evaluations of treated populations and even real-world evaluation
clinical trials.

The name for this approach is Rapid Access Safety Test Reporting, or RASTR Network, whereby the
network of HealthTab systems feedback de-identified data through to electronic health records and data
management systems via its API capabilities. This is the first platform of harmonized analyzers, with fully
integrated data-flow, for blood chemistry results to be sent to consumers, their healthcare teams and
sponsors; such as researchers, insurance providers and the life-science sector.

The significance of this approach to the market is the enhanced access to screening and early detection of
disease, better data for physicians and pharmacists to support their patients, plus new opportunities to
conduct research and ensure patient safety.

About Avricore Health Inc.
Avricore Health Inc. is committed to becoming a health innovator and applying technologies at the forefront
of science to core health issues at the community pharmacy level. The Company’s goal is to empower
consumers, patients and pharmacists with innovative technology, products, services and information to
monitor and optimize health. www.avricorehealth.com


Hector Bremner, CEO 604-773-8943